Several future projects are in various stages of planning, and we'll provide more details here as they become available.

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Our major new CD "Requiem" has been edited and mastered, but sadly as yet we have been unable to produce it due to difficulties obtaining information about the performers. We have reached the point where we have decided to release a small number of tracks later in 2020 with as much information as we have, with a view to updating the details as and when we can. Once we have all the information that we think we can reasonably obtain, we will then release the CD.

For this project, we  commissioned a completely new Requiem, based not on the Latin Mass, but on an adaptation of words from the Book of Common Prayer - an sort of "English" Requiem, if you like. As scriptural consultant we benefitted from the immense theological expertise of Canon Richard Orchard, and the music has been written by Chris Hutchings, known to many already for his beautiful sacred compositions, two of which we recorded on "Excelsior".

The first performance of this work was given in Glasgow in late 2012, and it was received with much acclaim.

In addition to this new work, we have also recorded the complete and very lovely Requiem by Ronald Law (excerpts of which also appeared on Excelsior), an abridged adaptation of part of the Oratorio "Dorothy" by James Cook and, finally, the hauntingly beautiful a cappella Requiem by Jon Leifs. It is possible that the Leifs will not be included on this CD.

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Photo above: James Steidl. (Agency: Dreamstime)

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