With a combination of Bible readings from St. John's Gospel and sacred choral music related to each reading, this beautifully-produced and unique new CD is aimed at giving support and comfort to all - and especially to those who are disabled, housebound, ill or who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend Christian worship or to hear the Bible read aloud as often as they would wish to.

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More information about the CD...

The moving and uplifting CD was released in early October 2006 and has now been ordered by ciustomers all over the world. The retail price is £9.99 - and £1.00 for every copy sold will be donated to a special charitable fund with the dual aims of fostering a continuance of traditional choral music amongst young people and of helping the elderly - especially those in residential and nursing homes - to have greater access to music, largely by means of the subsidised provision of equipment.

There are 21 tracks on the CD, with a total playing time of almost one hour. The Bible readings include the Christmas Day Gospel - "In the beginning was the Word..." - and nine others taken specifically from Jesus' own teachings. The music includes Mozart's famous "Ave, verum corpus", Stainer's much-loved "God so loved the world", Tallis's serene "If ye love me" and John Ireland's glorious anthem "Greater Love".

All the Bible excerpts have been carefully chosen and the music following each reading relates to, and complements, the Bible text. With the exception of the first reading, which id from the 1611 King James Bible, all the readings are from the familiar Revised Standard Version. None of the readings are in "modern" English. All the music was specially recorded for this CD in February and May 2006.

The final track is a wonderfully peaceful plainchant setting of part of Psalm 119, sung by the men of the choir. The chanting begins in the quire stalls and then the men progress through the screen and down the nave to the west door. As the singing begins to fade into the distance, partially lost amongst the great Norman pillars of the nave, the then Dean of Southwell, the Very Rev. David Leaning, reads the great prayer of St. Augustine of Hippo "Watch, O Lord, with those who watch, or wake or weep this day..."


The Musicians and the Reader

The Bible texts on the CD are read by the Archdeacon of Chesterfield, the Venerable David Garnett and the music is from the renowned choir of Southwell Minster under the direction of Paul Hale with sub-organist Simon Bell (formerly assistant organist at Westminster Abbey and now at Winchester Cathedral) at the organ. The project's scriptural consultant and general advisor was Canon Richard Orchard, formerly of Derby Cathedral.


archdeacon Ven. David Garnett, Archdeacon of Chesterfield, who reads the Bible passages on the CD "Words of Comfort, Music of Peace".

Though ideal as both a support to personal faith and meditation and as a gift for anyone who is unable to attend Christian worship or to hear first-class choral singing, the CD will also appeal to many others who simply wish to have available, in the form of spoken words, the comfort of Christ's promises and to hear the splendour of beautiful choral music.


The west front, Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire, England where the CD's music was recorded.

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The CD was the result of a full year's planning, during which time advice and comments were taken from numerous groups of those for whom it is likely to fulfil a very real need. An 12-page, illustrated and informative booklet is included with every CD.

A full track listing, with timings, is given below:


  1. Psalm 24: "The earth is the Lord’s..." (2.31)
  2. from John Chapter 1: "In the beginning..." (1.53)
  3. Hymn: Of the Father’s Love" (3.02)
  4. from John Chapter 3: the story of Nicodemus (2.44)
  5. God so loved the world - Stainer (4.00)
  6. from John Chapter 4: the woman of Samaria (3.52)
  7. God is a spirit - Sterndale Bennett (2.58)
  8. from John Chapter 6 "the Bread of Life" (2.03)
  9. Ave, verum corpus - Mozart (3.11)
  10. from John Chapter 8: the Light of the World (2.27)
  11. Light beyond shadow - Dankworth (2.46)
  12. from John Chapter 10: "the Good Shepherd" (2.29)
  13. Hymn: "The King of Love" (3.40)
  14. from John Chapter 14: "If ye love me..." (2.57)
  15. If ye love me - Tallis (2.17)
  16. from John Chapter 15: "Love one another" (1.33)
  17. Greater Love - Ireland (6.16)
  18. from John Chapter 16: "Be of good cheer..." (2.19)
  19. 19 Organ: Es ist ein Ros - Brahms (2.18)
  20. from John Chapter 17: "Eternal life" (0.41)
  21. Plainchant (Psalm 119 vv. 33-48) and prayer (3.43)

                       Total CD playing time: 58.49

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